Shopniex does not just sell lifestyle products, Shopniex is here to become a lifestyle!

Be it simple, casual or luxurious; trendy, unique or traditional, Shopniex presents you all. Daily lives, occasions, needs and necessities, celebrations, desires and wish lists – Shopjniex checks it all off. We believe life is not made up of days but each day is a realm of life, where every second is a different color and every color represents Shopniex!

Our prime focus is the youth, referred colloquially as the “Shopniex generation” and we are here to be a part of their lives, not just by selling the brands which rest under their hood but also by writing a part of their daily life stories.

Shopniex is that little spark of fun springing out of a droning afternoon, that unconscious twist of hair made while losing yourself in thoughts of wonderland, rocking the floor with confidence being no one but yourself or the three sips of tea turning into a moment of a lifetime with the right people – it is all Shopniex.

We present a one-stop lifestyle platform, holding products of various local and international brands together. The different deals offered whole year round, lets buyers get the best products at lowest prices and the sellers promote and build their brands big.

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Shyful Islam

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